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  Los Angeles Protests

About the Photographer

Brian Michaels is by profession a criminal trial lawyer. He began his legal career in the mid 1990’s with the Los Angeles City Attorney where he worked as a frontline prosecutor and would later go on to work for the City as a Police Litigation Attorney for the Los Angeles Police Department at the height of the Rampart Scandal.


At the time, Michaels was the only lawyer in his office who volunteered to work the LAPD unit. He stayed one year and would resign the office a year later and move into private practice.


While working with LAPD he fell in with a group of hard charging, mostly ex military, lawyers who had a serious obsession with world history and world travel.  Michaels took to their trail and began an odyssey that would take him to 69 countries and nearly half of the United States in 20 years time. It was on this mission that he fell into his collateral passion for photography.


Michaels travel photography would soon gain interest from several rock music publications and he spent years photographing live music in clubs and venues all throughout Southern California, all the while maintaining a full time law practice. which he maintains to this day.


As part of his travels Michaels always pushed the envelope and wandered into several formally war torn countries. On more then one occasion this put him perilously close to more then one active minefield, first in Cambodia and later in Bosnia.


Michaels experience working both as a lawyer for the LAPD and a long time criminal defense attorney made him the ideal person to be in the right place at the right time when in May of 2020 riots and protests would break out all over the West Coast, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. His law practice on hold, due to the Covid 19 pandemic Michaels spent a large part of 2020 documenting his experiences.


Michaels has never published or sold any of his images.

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